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What exactly is Quantum Hypnosis & is it safe?

Before we define what Quantum Hypnosis is, we need to define what Hypnosis is, in general. Hypnosis, is a super focused state of mind, accompanied by extreme relaxation, where one is open to suggestion.

Hypnosis is a normal and natural state of mind everyone experiences several times a day, throughout each day, although many people don’t realize they’re in a light hypnotic state… For example, when you are so focused on the story contained within a novel, you close off all other stimuli from the outside world. Or when you’re watching television, daydreaming, or even driving somewhere and when you get to your destination you don’t remember the drive. In all these instances, you’re in a naturally occurring light state of hypnosis. Your awareness is highly focused on one thing, shutting out everything else. Even meditation is a form of self hypnosis.

Quantum Hypnosis is a deep hypnotic state where a connection with your higher self is established, while your conscious mind steps aside. When this happens, the hypnotist has a conversation with your higher self. Within this conversation, your higher self is able to explain the root cause of pretty much everything, and is able to make suggestions as to the best course of action to take to correct, release, and/or heal all your issues.

All forms of Hypnosis are very safe. You cannot get “stuck” in a hypnotic state, either. You are always in control, and may pull yourself out if your conscious mind feels any portion of it is threatening.

How long does a typical session last, & how much does it cost?

A Clinical Therapeutic Hypnosis session usually only takes about 45 minutes to an hour. (Although the first initial session may take up to 2 hours.)

Because each client is unique in their needs and issues they want to resolve, there is no “one price fits all” for Therapeutic hypnosis. Some issues may take only 3 sessions to resolve, and other issues may take up to 6 sessions to resolve.

For this reason, I recommend emailing me to set up a FREE consultation call to determine what will best fit your individual needs.

A Spiritual (QHH) session depends on the client. Each person is unique, therefore each session will be unique in length of time. However, the average session usually lasts 4 – 5 hours. This includes time spent during the pre-talk discussing your issues, concerns and questions. Occasionally a session may be shorter, or it may last longer, depending on the circumstances.

A single session costs $298, regardless of time spent with the client. I do believe in taking as much time as needed with each client, though, to ensure each item of concern is covered and there are no stones left unturned.

What will it feel like while I’m hypnotized?

This is a totally different experience for each person. So it’s hard to say what exactly it will feel like for you.

However, many clients report feeling extremely relaxed and were pretty aware of everything being said and going on. This has been reported for both therapeutic and spiritual hypnosis clients.

The best thing to do is to NOT have any expectations as to what it will or will not feel like.

Will I remember what happens during my session?

This varies from person to person. Most clients report hearing everything being said because their conscious mind stays present, listening to what is going on, but occasionally the conscious mind chooses to “check out,” so the client doesn’t remember anything. But even if the conscious mind stays to listen, it’s quite common for clients to forget portions of their session. (It’s similar to waking up from a dream and then forgetting what happened in the dream as your day goes on.)

Is it true that some people can’t be hypnotized?

Being hypnotized by another person (a trained, certified hypnotist or otherwise) is a voluntary process. Trust of the hypnotist and deep relaxation are two key components of hypnosis. Another key component is being open to the experience and allowing the process to unfold organically. If a person is not open to the experience, and says, “Oh, I can’t be hypnotized,” then they won’t be.

Once I’m hypnotized, can I be forced to do or say something against my will?

Absolutely not. Although you are in a highly suggestable state, this is your journey & healing process, and the hypnotist is only a guide.

You are in control the entire time. Also, your subconscious and your higher self will never act against your highest and best good. They are always trying to keep you safe, therefore you will never do or say anything against your will.

Will medication and/or alcohol influence my ability to be hypnotized?

That is always a possibility. However, if you are currently taking prescription medication for a medical condition, please continue to take that medication as prescribed, even on the day of your session.

IF you take recreational drugs, or drink alcohol, you are urged to not ingest those for 24 hours prior to your session, to avoid any possible influences.

What is the youngest age recommended for experiencing a Hypnosis session?

There is no specific age limit. However, it greatly depends upon the maturity of the child.

In the case of Therapeutic hypnosis, I personally do not work with children under the age of 13.

For Spiritual hypnosis (QHH) sessions, I personally do not work with children under the age of 16.

**If you have a child/teenager under the age of 18 whom you feel has an issue that would benefit from hypnosis, please contact me directly to discuss the situation and to book the session. Please use the email address on the “Contact Us” page of this website.

Once I book a session, what will I need to do to prepare?

After your session is booked & confirmed, I will email you information on the best practices for preparing for an upcoming session, along with any other paperwork to be filled out & signed before your first session (if therapeutic) or before your QHH session.

Ask yourself, “If I have the power to rapidly improve my life through the use of my own mental abilities, wouldn’t I be interested in making those improvements?”

— Holly Talarchyk