For those on a Journey of Self Empowerment & Healing

Hypnosis is a very natural way to heal the self.

Hypnosis has been utilized as a powerful tool for healing since the time of Ancient Egypt, & is just as effective today, as it was back then. Now-a-days the most common misconception is that hypnosis is mind control. However, the simple truth is that ALL hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis. It is a natural state of being that we each pass through multiple times throughout the day, every day. Most times without even knowing it.

A simple example of a self-induced hypnotic state is when you drive from point A to point B on “autopilot.”  Your conscious mind was off somewhere else, thinking of other things. But yet, you were still aware enough to safely drive your car/truck/SUV to your destination. Or, have you ever been so focused in reading a novel or watching television, that you’ve tuned out everything from the outside world, and didn’t notice someone walk into the room? Those are other examples of light self-induced hypnotic states.

No one (not even a trained hypnotist) can make you do or say anything you don’t want to do or say while in trance. Stage shows are just for entertainment. The folks from the audience are up there because THEY WANT TO BE up there doing silly things – for whatever reasons. And the hypnotist is there for one reason; to entertain the audience. Without people doing silly things (because they want to), there would be no show.

It also IS NOT a state of mind that you can become “stuck” in. As stated above, it is a very natural state we all move back and forth between multiple times, throughout every day.

Clinical Therapeutic hypnosis, on the other hand, is a very serious and self-empowering process, used for the purposes of resolving many different medical and psychological issues. It is also very effective for management of chronic pain.

Spiritual hypnosis (Quantum hypnosis) is a guided spiritual journey inward to remember who you truly are, aiding in soul growth and healing on ALL levels of your multidimensional being. During the session, you connect with your higher self (the part of you who remembers the path and purpose you planned) to identify and understand the root cause of any emotional issues, illnesses, dis-eases, etc., so you may receive relief from them. You will also receive guidance as to how best continue on your path and purpose for this lifetime, while maintaining balance and harmony moving forward.

While there are many different ways of facilitating Quantum Hypnosis sessions, no matter the style or technique, there is one common goal – to assist the client in having a better understanding of self so he or she may grow and heal in whatever areas are needed.

benefits of hypnosis

There are Many Reasons for having Therapeutic Hypnosis Sessions:

  • Stop Smoking
  • Lose Weight
  • Overcome Depression & Grief
  • Overcome Anxiety & Panic Attacks
  • Overcome Fears & Phobias
  • Relief from Insomnia
  • Better Self-Confidence
  • Better Self-Esteem
  • Manage Chronic Pain from many Illnesses
  • Control High Blood Pressure
  • Control Digestive Issues
  • End Drug & Alcohol Addictions
  • Stop Nail Biting
  • Plus many more…

The Root Cause of most Issues is NOT Usually what You Think it is…
smoking, allergies, etc are not the real problems… they’re only the by-product of other, deeper issues.

“There are no limitations, unless you create them yourselves. Anything is possible.

You are only limited by your own imagination.”

~ Dolores Cannon

There are Many Reasons for having a Quantum Hypnosis Session:

  • Find your life path or purpose.
  • Get clarity on your next step of a career, relationship, or situation.
  • Release fears & phobias from either past lives or from this lifetime.
  • Release & heal trauma from either past lives or from this lifetime.
  • Discover the root cause of illnesses or dis-eases so you may understand them, release them and heal.
  • Establish better connection with spirit guides, guardian angels, or loved ones who have crossed over.
  • Understand & release any soul contracts that are no longer relevant to you.
  • Understand & release limiting beliefs holding you back becoming the best person you can be.
  • Remember blocked memories, dreams or lost portions of time.
  • Plus many more…


“Hi Holly,
I just wanted to let you know that I am feeling better and know it has to be the hypnosis that has made the difference. My energy level is up, my depression is down and I seem to be absorbing things again.
Thank you for your help, it means the world to me.”   -Marty

I felt very safe


I felt very safe and relaxed during my session. Holly does an excellent job of taking you under so you can travel through your past lives. She has a very soothing voice. She is also very knowledgeable, professional and gifted! I would not trust anyone else with my past life healings!!!

Mavis Richards

All Types of Options:

Every person is unique in their needs & wants, so I offer both clinical Therapeutic Hypnosis for everyday medical & psychological issues, as well as the more Spiritual based Quantum Hypnosis sessions.

This is YOUR journey of empowerment & healing, so only you know which type of support & assistance you need or want. I am here to assist you in your healing & wellbeing within a nonjudgmental & sacred space.

I offer sessions online via Zoom, as well as in person at either of my two office locations – Knoxville & Greeneville, TN.

To inquire about any type of hypnosis I offer, please click on the button below for a FREE 20 minute consultation to discuss your needs: